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A Euphoric State Of Bliss

While the true cause of a Runner's High has remained a mystery for many years, recent discoveries have pointed to the activation of our body's Endocannabioid System (ECS). Studies show, the ECS induces and regulates exercise highs for just about any activity and is stimulated by the ingestion of herbs, spices. Each of our coffee blends are thoughtfully crafted with natural and organic anti-inflammatory and ECS activating ingredients that not only support your active lifestyle but will also help you go further, train harder, and recover faster. Add a cup of Runner's High Coffee to your day and prepare to experience a euphoric state of bliss.

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We are excited to announce that we have merged with our friends at Palmetto Running Company, recently named the Best Running Store in America, to offer all of our blends exclusively through their store and website.



Reviews from our subscribers

Heather Maclean

USA Olympic athlete

I’m a coffee lover. I’ve been drinking this
coffee and it’s been amazing on my stomach and it’s delicious.

Jordan Moon

The American Runner

Your coffee is the best I have ever had! Absolutely delicious!!! I wish I had known about y'all before I ran across America breaking 3 world records.

Bryan Morseman

Gold Medal winner for Team USA the 50k World Championships

Wow! what an amazing flavor it has. Yum!

Debra H.

Dead Last Decaf

I am OBSESSED with this coffee. It smells amazing and tastes better than any coffee I’ve ever had. Life time customer right here!