About Runner's High

About Runner's High

A Runner’s High, defined as a Euphoric State of Bliss. The feeling of euphoria you get when running.

Runner’s High Coffee is the first coffee created specifically for runners by runners.

A family-owned business, started in 2019, we wanted to find an easier and more natural way to help our bodies heal after running without the need of taking traditional pain medications and supplements. Each of our coffee blends are thoughtfully crafted with natural and organic anti-inflammatory and ECS activating ingredients that not only support your active lifestyle but will also help you go further, train harder, and recover faster. 

Committed to freshness and the robustness of our ingredients and flavor profiles, Runner's High Coffee is always locally roasted in small batches at our facility in South Carolina. All of our coffee blends are Fair Trade Certified and Organic, committed to the equitable treatment of farmers and laborers. 

Add a cup of Runner's High Coffee to your day and prepare to experience a euphoric state of bliss. Isn't it time you experience a Runner's High?